Africa Energy Start-Ups Series: e-mobility


e-Mobility is a global trend potentially revolutionizing the way people move all across the globe. But mobility in Africa is in a very different stage of development than in other parts of the world. And as a result, e-mobility in Africa also has to offer dedicated and adapted solutions to be efficient.

These solutions are being developed by very creative and innovative African start-ups. These companies, rather than copy-pasting a model from abroad, have developed solutions based on hands-out knowledge of the market and the users’ needs. After all, who else than people experiencing the challenges of African mobility every day can come up with the right solutions needed by the continent?

In this webinar we will:

  • discuss how powered through community based off grid energy supply, electric three wheels’ bikes could provide the incentive for increased economic activity, creating new local markets and enhancing rural livelihoods in Zimbabwe.
  • discuss about the acceleration of a sustainable transition to renewable energy trough technology and products in Uganda.
  • present the development of a key performance data collection and transmission system for solar-powered light electric vehicle in Kenya.

During this webinar you will get great insights from the following panelists:

The “Africa Energy Start-Ups Series” is a collaboration between AFSIA and Start-Up | Energy which will present innovative African start-ups every 2 months on a multitude of topics such as e-mobility, storage, fintech and productive use to cite a few. The spirit of this series is to promote African start-ups, for Africans by Africans and to present how innovative they are to potential partners and investors coming from the rest of the world.