Repair & Maintenance of Solar System at WFP in Arua, Uganda
03 Feb 2023

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Aptech Africa recently supplied, installed, and commissioned a repair and maintenance on a 6.27kWp of solar PV in a project funded by World Food Programme.

The works included cleaning of existing panels, replacement of batteries with 76.8kWh of Soleil Power batteries and replacement of an inverter with a Victron Quattro 10kVA inverter and replacement of charge controllers. The system is hybrid and uses energy from both solar and the grid, it supplies solar power as the main power supply and the grid is used as backup.

The system is providing energy to the WFP offices located in Arua District, Uganda with the goal to stabilize the existing grid which eliminates power interruption for critical IT equipment, ensuring smooth running of daily office works and data storage for the organization.

Aptech also provided rectification works on the existing system. Aptech ensured this system was corrected and system was reconfigured to ensure proper loading and battery protection.

Since WFP is a humanitarian organization providing relief services to communities affected by hunger especially refugees, proper coordination of activities, tracking of supplies and food distribution due to reliable power supply will ensure that food supplies will reach the beneficiary communities at the right time consequently saving lives as well.