Partnership announcement between AMMP Technologies and Bright Light
03 Jun 2024

Bright Light and AMMP Technologies are proud to announce a partnership to enhance Bright Light’s monitoring with AMMP’s software solution.

💡 The collaboration aims to enable Bright Light to monitor its portfolio with AMMP’s comprehensive system monitoring tool, tapping into its advanced skills in data unification, portfolio monitoring, and analytics.

“Bright Light has found managing O&M services for our fully funded portfolio of over 200 renewable energy assets to be increasingly challenging, especially given the diverse range of technologies from various OEMs. After evaluating several solutions, we discovered that AMMP met most of our requirements and was the obvious choice. Its third-party integrations not only allow us to monitor all our assets on-site but also provide valuable analytical insights. We’re excited to optimize each site’s potential using AMMP and enhance our response times through better allocation of resources.”
– Michael Faber, Director of Bright Light

“At AMMP, we are thrilled to partner with Bright Light and bring our state-of-the-art monitoring solutions to their extensive portfolio. Partnering with Bright Light represents a significant milestone for AMMP as we expand our impact in the renewable energy sector. This collaboration not only validates the strength and versatility of our platform but also sets the stage for transformative improvements in how renewable assets are managed and optimized. By working together, we aim to drive innovation, enhance operational efficiency, and set new benchmarks for performance in the industry.” – Svet Bajlekov, CEO of AMMP.