Nigerian minigrids improve power reliability and utility revenues for communities “under” the grid
08 Jul 2022

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The town of Toto in the central Nigerian state of Nasarawa, near the national capital of Abuja, is wired for electricity. Though poles and wires dot the landscape, people live without power.

In what John Ufeoshi calls a “win-win-win” arrangement, microgrid developer PowerGen is building a mini-grid for Toto that will supply reliable power during the daytime, while the “DisCo,” the term used for electricity distribution companies in Nigeria, will deliver grid electricity at night. According to Ufeoshi, through this collaboration, the community will have access to reliable power, the utility will have a new influx of revenues, and PowerGen will benefit financially from its operations and maintenance of the solar PV generation and newly installed distribution systems. He explained that PowerGen’s financial benefit would come from managing the customer connections during the project’s tenure.