Mobile hybrid power plant for Ambokatra quarry, Madagascar
30 Mar 2021

Green Energy Solutions (GES), a Joint Venture between JOVENA, the energy branch of Axian Group, which is a leading infrastructure group in Madagascar, and GREENYELLOW, an energy management company offering turnkey services in energy efficiency and solar projects entered into an agreement with Colas Madagascar for the construction of a mobile hybrid power plant for Ambokatra quarry. 1

As per the agreement, GES will therefore finance and construct a 148kW solar power plant, composed of two fully integrated and installed containers so that any risk of shading is avoided. These containers will be coupled to a thermal power plant with a total power output of 600kW running on diesel fuel that will be supplied by Jovena Madagascar. 1

The facility will also be equipped with an energy storage system and a low voltage distribution network through which power will be supplied to the site at night and even on days when it is closed, will be installed. 1

Decarbonizing Colas activities

According to Richard Ferrazi, the Chief Executive Officer of Colas Madagascar, the company is committed to a strategy of decarbonizing its activities. 1

It has therefore set itself the goal of reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by 30% by the year 2030, a goal that the mobile hybrid power plant for the Ambokatra quarry will contribute to by avoiding the emission of approximately 90 tonnes of CO2 per year. 1

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