LONGi unveils solar cell of 33.5% efficiency at Intersolar
19 Jun 2023


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Chinese solar company LONGi has unveiled its latest perovskite/crystalline tandem solar cell at the Intersolar 2023 event in Germany, which boasts an efficiency of 33.5%.

The company’s new innovation is the second-most efficient solar cell in the world, and is 1.7% more efficient than the module shown at the Smart Energy Conference and Exhibition (SNEC) in Shanghai earlier this year. When put into a 54-cell module, the cell at SNEC 2023, dubbed “2681” after it recorded an efficiency of 26.81% in November 2022, has a power capacity of 600W.

The latest efficiency figure was confirmed by the European Solar Test Installation, an EU body, and is the latest impressive milestone for LONGi. Its Taizhou solar plant in China boasts a capacity of 38GW, and attention will likely turn to how the company can best deploy its impressive technology.

“Improving cell conversion efficiency and reducing the cost of electricity remain the perpetual theme driving the development of the photovoltaic industry,” said Li Zhenguo, president of LONGi during a speech at Intersolar. “As a global inclusive energy source, photovoltaic is sending light and well-being to various countries and regions around the world.”