LONGi Solar and DuPont expand collaboration on product innovation
05 Jun 2020

The companies aim to jointly develop higher quality and more competitive cells and modules that will in turn ensure the viability of PV power plants.

Chinese solar manufacturer Longi has signed an agreement of strategic cooperation with DuPont aimed at jointly creating high-end modules and helping downstream customers build more reliable and higher-quality PV power plants.

As part of the agreement, signed on Tuesday in Shanghai, the companies are also expanding their collaboration on product innovation, technology R&D and branding and marketing.

Longi and DuPont have since 2015 actively worked together on advanced products and solutions with the aim of promoting high-quality products.

Welcoming the company’s deepening cooperation with DuPont, Longi Solar SVP Dennis She said “the technological advancement of cells and modules requires the participation of the material side. We hope to jointly develop higher quality and more competitive products, create reliable value for global customers, and ensure the long-term return on investments of photovoltaic power plants.”

Longi specializes in monocrystalline passivated emitter rear contact (PERC) technology and regularly sets efficiency records in the field. In January the company set a new PERC module efficiency record of 22.38%, surpassing its previous milestone of 21.65% set in December.

DuPont is a major provider of materials and backsheets for the manufacture of PV modules.

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