LONGi partners with Sopowerful Foundation to enhance education in Malawi
11 Apr 2023

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LONGi and the Sopowerful Foundation have announced the launch of a solar power system in the township of Linthipe, in Malawi’s Dedza region, with the country’s Minister for Energy, Ibrahim Matola, and its Deputy Minister for Education, Nancy Chaola Mdooko, both attending the inauguration ceremony.

Dzenza CDSS, a secondary school with 230 students, is now powered by a 9kW solar installation. Electricity at the school will enable the use of teaching equipment, cooking facilities and lessons in the afternoon and evening, providing students with better opportunities to study and prepare for examinations. At present, 80% of Malawi’s schools have no access to power via the grid or other sources, resulting in significant restrictions on teaching hours for many primary and secondary school pupils.

Sopowerful has already established 16 projects in the country, complementing the government’s ongoing commitment to supply energy to under-served rural areas, with LONGi partnering with the organisation by donating solar panels for this and future projects.