Simon Gosling


Simon is the Managing Director of EnergyNet, a global business with a specific focus on government and private investment in Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa’s power and industrial infrastructure sectors. Simon is responsible for the company’s focus on growing economies where energy access is a critical barrier to political and social stability which directly impedes economic growth.

Over the last ten years he has led the creation of a number of important initiatives and investments including; the ‘EnergyNet Student Engagement Initiative’ which has supported 134 African students (of those students 56 are now on management training contracts with some of the world’s leading solution providers); ‘The Arts Energy Partnership’ which promotes artists and musicians and works with them to express how access to energy impacts their work and creations; ‘The Not Just Talking Fund for Energy Access’, which is an investment vehicle that has financed and facilitated knowledge partnerships for ‘Off the Grid’ energy projects – the first investment was into the South Africa ‘Solar Turtle’ which is a micro-utility providing electricity to the ‘Pheasant Folly Primary School’ in Johannesburg and its 1,500 school children, as well as 300 homes in the community of Palm Ridge.