Salma Okonkwo

Salma Okonkwo is a senior business executive with over twenty years of experience in Africa’s energy sector. She has deep and wide-ranging expertise in energy from oil and gas to renewable energy.

In 2007, Okonkwo founded UBI Petroleum, an energy trading business specializing in procurement, storage, marketing and distribution of petroleum products in West Africa. By 2012, she had expanded her holdings and created the UBI Group, an integrated energy solutions provider. In 2016 UBI Petroleum became PUMA Energy Ghana.

Her focus is now on the development of green energy business in West Africa. She recently launched Blue Power Energy Ltd. (BPE), an alternative energy conglomerate, developing a $200m solar farm project in Northern Ghana.

In addition to her Chairmanships at PUMA Energy Ghana and the UBI Group, she is also the co-founder and board member of Blue Star Exploration and sits on the boards of directors of Makmera Upstream, an upstream exploration company, and real estate development company Nahid’s Properties.