JinkoSolar N-type Mono Module sets a new world record reaching the highest conversion efficiency of 23.01%
20 Jan 2021

Recently, JinkoSolar Announced that after JinkoSolar N-type TOPCon Mono Cell conversion efficiency broke the record, the company’s latest developed N-type mono modules have been tested by the authoritative third-party organization TÜV Rheinland. As a matter of fact, Jinko N-Type panels hit a record-high conversion efficiency of 23.01%, breaking the previous world record of 22.39% set by JinkoSolar themselves in January 2020.

JinkoSolar accomplished this outstanding achievement thanks to its industry leading vertical integration technology, which integrates the company’s N-type TOPCon high-efficiency cell technology and high-energy-density module design with advanced module welding and packaging technology to increase module optical gain and to reduce module internal resistance loss as well as to increase the proportion of cell area in the module, so as to achieve a further breakthrough in module efficiency, while significantly improving the aesthetics of the module.

As the world’s leading PV company, JinkoSolar’s R&D team has set a world record twice in a short period of time, which once again proves that JinkoSolar focuses on technological innovation and leads the PV industry to break through technological bottlenecks. Jin Hao, CTO of JinkoSolar, said, “JinkoSolar will continue to promote R&D investments in high-efficient module technology, with a special focus on laboratory research results to achieve rapid and high-quality production line mass production, while constantly improving the technical level of the industry to make efficient and reliable products and bring greater value to the end customers.”