JinkoSolar launches its energy storage systems (ESS) product offering in Gaborone, Botswana
18 Nov 2021

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The event was hosted in collaboration with Apex Solar, an official distributor of JinkoSolar based in Botswana.

The event was attended by local customers, government representatives and media. The focus of the event was on energy storage systems solutions and solar PV panels, which were also on display during the launch event.

“This was an opportunity to engage with the African market, as electricity demand in Africa is expected to double by 2030,” states JinkoSolar adding that the company is ready and able to provide clean energy solutions.

JinkoSolar shaping the energy storage market

The solar PV industry in sub-Saharan Africa has grown to include large-scale ground-mounted projects, commercial and industrial (C&I) installations, mini-grids and solar home systems (SHS). However, it is the emergence of ESS that supply sustainable energy.