JinkoSolar Awarded 1 GW Order for N-type Tiger Neo by China Huadian
07 Jul 2023

JinkoSolar, one of the largest and most innovative solar module manufacturers in the world, today announced that its n-type high-efficiency Tiger Neo series modules won 1GW order of China Huadian Corporation (CHD), accounting for 100% of N-type confirmed tender of CHD. With its high efficiency, high power generation, optimized bifacial factor, low degradation, and low-temperature coefficient, it is becoming the first choice for project development of utility projects, industrial and commercial projects as well as the residential rooftop.

While the most efficient readily available N-type panels all share efficiency percentages above 21%, JinkoSolar’s Tiger Neo series panels cored at N-type TOPCon technology are for the highest efficiency rating at 22.95% under optimal conditions. With a temperature coefficient of 0.29%/℃, Tiger Neo edges out its competition when the temperature rises over 77 degrees Fahrenheit.

JinkoSolar offers consumers three N-type TOPCon solar panel model series under the name of Tiger Neo. The Tiger Neo 66-cells is the company’s most recent lineup featuring higher watt ratings and slightly higher efficiency. It provides up to 620 watts at 22.95% efficiency, while the 54-cell Tiger Neo residential panel provides up to 450 watts at an efficiency of 22.52% and a temperature coefficient of 0.29%/℃.

In addition to higher efficiency, the degradation like LID and LeTID of N-type TOPCon is much lower than PERC due to the properties of doping and diffusion process. According to the tracking comparison data monitored and recorded from existing n-type and p-type projects, the average initial 12-month degradation of TOPCon arrays is about 0.5%-0.6% while that of PERC arrays is about 1.5-1.8%.

The temperature coefficient is another critical factor that accelerates the adoption of TOPCon panels. For each degree Celsius that the panel’s temperature rises above 25, the panel’s efficiency will lessen by the coefficient rating percentage. For example, JinkoSolar’s Tiger Neo has a temperature coefficient rating of 0.29%/℃. When the panel temperature increases by 10 degrees Celsius (50F), which isn’t uncommon under hot sunlight, its efficiency will decrease by 2.9%/℃, while a P-type panel with a temperature coefficient of 0.35%/℃ will drop its efficiency by 3.4%/℃, meaning 17% more drops. Essentially, it produces less power when it’s hot.