JA Solar n-type module generates 3.9% more power in energy yield testing
21 Jul 2022

JA Solar and TÜV Nord have reported the results of a one-year energy yield test carried out at the CPVT National Photovoltaic Experimental Base at Yinchuan. The aim of the test was to study and verify the power generation and operating temperature performance of different types of module.

Between February 2021 and 2022, the two organisations tested the power generation capacity of a JA Solar n-type module, finding it to be 3.9% higher than that of a p-type PERC bifacial module, the test demonstrating the excellent performance of the n-type module, based on Bycium+ cells and n-type passivated contact technology.

The test project was located in Yinchuan, combining a typically temperate continental climate with an arid environment, average annual peak hours being 1650kWh/m2 (horizontal level), average annual sunshine duration 2800-3000 hours and annual average temperature 8.5 degrees Celsius. Yinchuan is one of the regions in China with the most solar radiation and a spectrum very close to the AM1.5 standard.

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