JA Solar maintains highest AAA ranking in PV ModuleTech bankability ratings
11 Jan 2023

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JA Solar has maintained the highest AAA ranking in PV Tech’s recently released Q4 2022 PV ModuleTech bankability ratings report, based on its performance in metrics including shipments and production capacity, combined with technical and financial status.

Vertical integration for high-quality development

The report noted that “JA Solar retains possibly the most technology-capable cell production in China, and has often set benchmarks for technology ahead of its domestic competitors. JA Solar was one of the first companies in China to prioritize mono cell/module production, with a strong preference to supply as much of its module supply with in-house cells. This is now in contrast to many other multi-GW module suppliers that buy large volumes from cell manufacturers.”

As an industry leading, vertically integrated organisation, JA Solar has established a comprehensive technology research and development system covering silicon wafers, cells, modules and PV systems, and will continue to increase investment in R&D to enhance the power generation performance of its products. As of the second quarter of 2022, the company had obtained 1,178 licensed patents for its independent research and development, with the average conversion efficiency of its mass-produced Percium and Bycium n-type cells reaching 23.7% and 25% respectively. With its DeepBlue series modules gaining wide popularity in global markets due to their excellent power generation capacity and reliability, JA Solar’s cumulative global shipments had reached 115GW by the end of the third quarter of 2022.