Hybrid Solar Systems at Offices In Sierra Leone
23 Jun 2023

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Aptech Africa recently supplied, installed, and commissioned three hybrid solar systems at the World Vision International North-Eastern Provincial Offices in Sierra Leone

Each system was equipped with a roof-mounted solar panel system with a capacity of 7.2kWp. The systems consist of individual panels with a power output of 300Wp each, with a battery bank system with a total capacity of 19.2kWh of lead-acid batteries. The system is hybrid integrated with the existing power sources i.e., the grid and diesel generator.

Each system has an 8KVA Victron Quatro inverter that has a remote monitoring system and collects information that includes total energy being generated, battery voltage, load power, grid power in case it is connected as well as fault detection and alarm in case anything abnormal happens.

These three sites are located in two specific clusters; Nimikoro and Kamara in the Kono district, as well as Mongo Cluster in the Mongo district, Sierra Leone