Huawei unveiled a new solar solution for electric cars as well as home and industry solar power systems
05 Jun 2023
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Dubbed ‘Long Distance Runner, the project seeks to phase out energy sources like coal and replace them with green and renewable energy sources like solar.
“With solar, the business is totally different. We are trying to decelerate carbon levels globally”, said Oliver Du Peng, Huawei East Africa digital power chief executive officer.
Huawei says its initiative is anchored on four main technological dimensions, namely watt, battery, thermal, and bit energy, all of which are renewable.
This, it says, is more efficient than other traditional energy sources like gasoline and coal and is more environmentally friendly.
The company is banking on this technology with the hope that it will help catapult its global presence as a giant partner in mitigating climate change.
Huawei further observes that their transition to solar energy has been inspired by four principles: profitability, enablement, simplicity, and the eco-friendly nature of solar energy.
All four principles the company observes provide a good framework for policies and capabilities for their clients to do business.