Huawei launches new industrial and commercial energy storage system for the African market
10 May 2023

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With load shedding intensifying, and fuel and electricity prices rising rapidly in Southern Africa, manufacturers have been severely impacted. To help manufacturers address these challenges, Huawei Digital Power recently held its FusionSolar Channel Partner Summit 2023 in Johannesburg, South Africa.  During the summit, the tech giant released its latest sustainable energy solutions for industrial and commercial applications.

The LUNA2000-200KWH is an energy storage product of the Smart String ESS series which is suitable for industrial and commercial scenarios and provides 200KWH backup power. Combined with Huawei’s photovoltaic system and cloud management system, it can realize a complete commercial and industrial solar storage system solution.

The LUNA2000-200KWH is a product designed with safety and reliability at its core, with increased energy and simple operation.

This latest product integrates seamlessly with Huawei’s self-developed PV system and cloud management system to realise a one-size-fits-all solution. This not only means better product adaptability, but also that more monitoring and management functions can be supported.

The LUNA2000-200KWH has a high-quality battery cell aiding with reliability. It also features monitoring and AI analysis of data to identify risky battery, active rack isolation, and special structural safety design. These four important safety protection measures ensure that product safety is taken to new heights.

By independently controlling the battery unit, this architecture can fully increase the charge and discharge capacity of each battery module and increase its overall capacity by more than five percent to obtain higher investment returns.