How to become a Sustainable Hotel while cutting costs? Follow the example of King Fisher Village.
25 Oct 2022

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A successful tourism player respects and highly values the surrounding natural and social environment and is aware that while addressing the needs of their own business and guests, they must also consider the environmental impact.

The adoption of sustainable tourism practices allows hospitality businesses to be environmentally and economically sustainable.

How is that possible? Genius Watter helped King Fisher Village, a resort in Cape Verde, become an “eco-boutique” by designing an integrated solution for water and energy efficiency that cuts operating costs by 85%, using only the energy from the Sun. Sustainability can make you competitive in the tourism industry.

Water & Energy consumption: a nightmare for hoteliers

Water and Energy represent the main expenditure for hotels and resorts. Indeed, tourism businesses are energy- and water-intensive. Without the reliable supply of these two primary resources, hotels simply cannot exist.

In water-stressed locations, hotel managers find it often difficult to guarantee their guests a constant supply of good quality water. Water turns out to be often expensive in these scenarios.