GoShop collaborated with Cordaid RDC on the electrification of 189 general hospitals and health centers in the DRC
28 Feb 2024

In 2022, GoShop began a visionary project alongside Cordaid, an organization dedicated to strengthening health systems, to provide 189 Health Centers and General Hospitals in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) with solar electricity.

This initiative, which ended in November 2023, was deployed in Kinshasa and in remote areas in the center of the DRC (Sankuru, Tshopo, Eastern Kasai, Central Kasai, Tshuapa, Lomami, Kasai) thus providing sustainable access to energy in vital care establishments.

Cordaid, renowned for its dedication to the field of development and health, collected the different energy needs of health centers and general hospitals. This allowed us to determine the specific electricity needs of each establishment, thus laying the foundations for our collaboration

The project began with a pilot phase, installing 14 solar electricity kits in establishments in Kinshasa. Building on this initial success given the impacts of this collaboration in particular Access to electricity in remote areas, Reduction in long-term energy costs, Reduction in the mortality rate due to lack of electricity in different areas health structures (cases of childbirth or surgical operations); our mission has been extended to 61 other establishments outside the capital. Buoyed by positive momentum, we eventually installed our kits in 114 more health centers, lighting the path to improved and sustainable healthcare.

Each solar kit (composed of 3 GoSolar photovoltaic panels of 450W each, a 5 KWh/48v BYD lithium battery, 1 Phoenix 48/1200 VA converter, 1 MPPT Victron 150/35 solar charge regulator and a solar charge module Cerbo-GX Victron control) installed represents much more than a source of energy. It embodies hope, access to quality care and the possibility of saving lives. By collaborating with Cordaid, we have joined forces to create a significant impact in the field of health in the DRC. Solar electricity doesn’t just light bulbs, it powers hope, life and progress.


Our joy lies not only in providing optimal energy solutions, but also in our commitment to making a difference. Together with Cordaid, we have charted a path towards a future where every healthcare facility, regardless of its geographic location, benefits from a reliable and sustainable source of energy.

We salute the end of this project with gratitude for the opportunity to be catalysts for change. This exemplary collaboration with Cordaid is much more than just an energy project; it represents a shared commitment to health, development and a brighter future for the DRC

Participating in this adventure was an honor for us and we remain determined to continue our mission of positive transformation, a source of light and progress for the Congolese community.