GoShop and SANRU for a lasting impact in the DRC
18 Apr 2024

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GoShop, in partnership with SANRU (an NGO dedicated to primary health care in rural areas) launched a pioneering project aimed at providing a reliable source of energy to Provincial Health Directorates in the Democratic Republic of Congo. This unique collaboration has made it possible to install GoShop electricity kits in 82 Provincial Health Directorates, thus joining forces to improve health conditions across the country because its future depends on it. 

The success of this project is based on the expertise of SANRU which carried out a careful assessment of the electricity needs of each site, allowing a tailor-made adaptation of the GoShop kits (1.8kWp solar production, 440AH storage, 1200VA inverter power, 100/100 controller). 50, VSat antenna feed). This collaborative approach guarantees a precise and efficient response to the specific energy needs of each provincial health department, thus optimizing the impact and relevance of our interventions. 

The deployment extended from Kinshasa to several central provinces such as Sankuru, Tshopo, Eastern Kasai, Central Kasai, Tshuapa, Lomami, Kasai, targeting the most remote regions to maximize access to electricity. This project illustrates our ongoing commitment to sustainability and the use of renewable energy, concluding in December 2023 with tangible results in terms of increasing the capacity of healthcare facilities to provide quality care.

We are particularly proud of our partnership with SANRU, which highlights our ability to mobilize our renewable energy expertise to strengthen vital health infrastructure. By equipping healthcare facilities with reliable energy sources, we play a direct role in improving the quality of care and, therefore, in securing the lives of people in the DRC.