GoShop Academy A Springboard for Renewable Energy Technicians
12 Apr 2024

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Since its inception in 2017, the GoShop Academy, an initiative of GoShop Energy, has been committed to investing in training programs aimed at empowering technicians in the field of renewable energy. Over the years, the Academy has successfully trained over 1000 technicians, providing them with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the renewable energy sector. 

In March 2024, the GoShop Academy, in collaboration with Victron Energy, organized training sessions in Kinshasa. Around 80 technicians participated, focusing on practical demonstrations of the kits provided by GoShop, including the simple assembly with a Multi Plus II converter, the AC coupling with a Fronius PV converter and the three-phase system with three Multi RS Solar converters . 

The first training session, led by Clément Joulain from Victron Energy, offered participants the opportunity to learn from his expertise. Co-hosted by five GoShop technicians, experts in the field, the session focused on hands-on learning experiences. 

The second training session, fully funded and led by GoShop, continued the momentum of the first. Participants provided positive feedback, expressing appreciation for the practical aspects of the training. The opportunity to directly handle and engage with the latest technology in inverters, batteries and solar panels proved invaluable to their learning experience.  

Following the training, participants prepare to take an online certification test, made possible thanks to the collaboration with Victron Energy. This certification will validate their new skills and knowledge, strengthening their credentials in the renewable energy sector. 

The success of the GoShop Academy highlights the importance of private sector initiatives in promoting education and quality standards in the renewable energy sector. Complementing public education efforts and offering a diverse range of modules, from interpersonal skills to project management and technical skills, the Academy meets the evolving needs of the industry.