Ghana Chamber of Mines inaugurates solar photovoltaic system, calls for reduction in taxes
06 Apr 2023

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The Ghana Chamber of Mines has inaugurated an 84kWp Kilowatt ‘peak’ power Kilowatt ‘peak’ power ultra-modern and intelligent grid-tied solar photovoltaic system with a call on government to reduce the high taxes and levies to promote the energy transition agenda.

Dr Sulemanu Koney, Chief Executive Officer of the Ghana Chamber of Mines, said the high statutory payments were disincentive to the change to renewable energy.

The system, constructed by Ghanaian firm, Stella Futura, at a total cost of US$122,316.35, was designed to meet the Chamber’s electricity requirements.

At peak conditions, the system has the capacity to generate 111,000 kWh, and its use has reduced the Chamber’s consumption of electricity from the national grid by nearly 75 per cent.

“It is instructive to note that nearly 11 per of the contract cost represents statutory taxes and levies, which is a disincentive to the government’s energy transition agenda,” Dr Koney said.

While the government has exempted imported solar panels from VAT and other levies, the payments for a completed project are still subject to these statutory taxes and levies, he said.

He said the government was fully aligned on the global initiative to transition to clean and sustainable energy, however, the ecosystem required to encourage households and firms to invest in clean energy was still in its infant stage.

Dr Koney said the solar system symbolised the mining industry’s transition from reliance on fossil-based energy to cleaner alternatives.

“This investment represents a significant milestone in the Chamber’s commitment to promoting sustainable energy and reducing its carbon footprint as embodied in Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 7,” he said.