Genius Watter calls Minigrid Developers to co-develop solar water purification technology for innovative business models
09 Apr 2021

Are you a Minigrid Developer looking for a sustainable business model?
If so, probably you are looking into productive use of energy as an anchor load to reach your financial sustainability. This is where we can help each other.
Together, we can co-develop and enhance the projects’ profitability, through our Innovative Water Purification Technology.
Genius Watter is an Italian based company specialized in Reverse Osmosis Water Purification, powered only by the sun, through its own technology and patents.
We have the capabilities to provide clean and drinking water to sub-Saharan Africa and South East Asia’s population.
Our containerized water systems stand out for reliability and robustness, powered by solar energy, without the need of battery storage. Furthermore, Genius Watter’s system perfectly fits anywhere the lack of energy is bound with the need of
drinking water.
We believe that when the lack of drinking water comes together with the lack of energy, we can help Minigrid developers to increase the sustainability and profitability of their business model (and the water produced with energy in excess
may be stored and serve as a “virtual battery”).
In addition to providing energy, water as a service can add another revenue stream to your business model.
We are looking for codevelopers to explore together these possibilities and contribute to answering the Water Energy Food Nexus.
We are open to evaluate different scenarios based on win-win approach.
Together we can enhance new sustainable business models and build relevant opportunities.
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