FusionSolar’s smart PV inverter SUN2000-330KTL wins the Intersolar Award
19 Jun 2023

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With its continuous innovation and the provision of high-quality smart PV solutions and product experiences, FusionSolar’s Smart PV Inverter SUN2000-330KTL has been awarded the Intersolar AWARD at Intersolar Europe 2023.

As the newest flagship product from FusionSolar, the SUN2000-330KTL received wide recognition from the industry during its debut at Intersolar Europe 2023. It stands out as one of the most reliable high-power (330KW) string inverters available in the market. The SUN2000-330KTL has achieved several industry breakthroughs:

1) Industry-leading triple protection functions of Smart String-level Disconnection (SSLD-TECH), Smart Connector Level Detection (SCLD-TECH) and Smart DC Insulation Diagnosis. It can accurately identify issues such as connector reverse connection, backflow of current, and short circuits etc., implementing self-protection such as automatic shutdown within milliseconds.

2) L5 authoritative certification of the Power Line Carrier Communication from CGC. It has a maximum transmission distance of up to 1,000 meters and can support sub-arrays with a maximum capacity of 9MW, ensuring stable communication.

3) Industry-leading Smart Self-cleaning technology, significantly improving dust removal efficiency and reducing maintenance costs.

4) Compatible with all mainstream PV modules (166/182/210), allowing “module replacement without inverter replacement”. This reduces the complexity and cost of procurement, spare parts, and maintenance.