From Europe to South Africa: Clenergy ezTracker’s Proven Technology Arrives
24 May 2024

Clenergy, a leading provider of innovative solar mounting solutions, proudly announces its inaugural tracking system project in Europe. The company has emerged as the standout choice amid fierce competition, securing a collaboration agreement with SolServices, a prominent renewable energy project developer based in Hungary.

The partnership entails providing a 20 MW ezTracker D1P tracking system tailored for a substantial ground-based power station situated in Budapest, Hungary. Upon completion, the project promises a consistent supply of green electricity.

A flagship product of Clenergy’s ezTracker D series, the ezTracker D1P’s superior safety and reliability have earned it certifications from globally renowned institutions, including CPP and TÜV, in addition to complying with the IEC 62817 standard.

The ezTracker D1P boasts a competitive edge with its in-house SCADA system and utilises environmentally friendly zinc-aluminium-magnesium steel, which is twice as durable as conventional coatings.

For further details about the Tracker Series, click here.

Expression of Interest: Building on its successful launch in the EU market, Clenergy’s Tracker series is now poised to make a significant impact in South Africa.

Clenergy is actively seeking expressions of interest in this reliable and robust solar innovation. If you’re interested in exploring sustainable and cost-effective energy solutions, please do not hesitate to contact Clenergy at

About Clenergy

Established in Melbourne, Australia, and extending our presence with offices and factories across China, Japan, Thailand, and Germany, Clenergy stands as an enabler for the public sector, enterprises, and governments in pursuit of sustainability and carbon neutrality solutions. Our commitment is grounded in a vision of a future powered by sustainable, clean energy. We persistently reinvent our approach, leveraging innovative technology and service, as we strive towards realising this mission.