Exploring Copper Quail Global: Their Journal in Renewable Energy and Vision for a Sustainable Future
22 Mar 2024


Their journey in the renewable energy sector has been marked by several key projects, including recruiting for SA Reippp projects, commercial projects, O&M, and general EPC, Project Financing and asset management companies in the industry. These projects have not only illuminated homes but also empowered communities and fostered the sustainable development of our client’s companies.

Client Success Stories

We believe that our clients’ successes are our own. We’ve been fortunate to collaborate with Some of the largest Producers of green energy where our tailored approach to talent development and organizational growth has yielded fruitful results.

Impact and Reach

Our commitment to the African Continent speeds the whole of Africa, and we have placed candidates in more than 40 African countries.

Educational Initiatives and Thought Leadership

We are dedicated to sharing knowledge and fostering dialogue on the importance and potential of solar energy in Africa. Our initiatives Include employing agents with backgrounds in the renewable energy sector whereby they have insight from the client’s point of few and also assist with onsite evaluations on the technical abitties and offer assistance by recommendations on areas of improvements.  Are team have more than 280 MW worth of physical PV constraction behind them and we have solar professionals and advisors assisting.

About the company

Copper Quail Global, with Decades of unrivalled experience, stands as a beacon in the human capital solutions sector. We specialize in a wide array of services tailored to propel businesses across Africa and the globe. Our firm is distinguished by its dedication to supplying essential skills, fostering talent development, and facilitating organizational growth with unparalleled integrity and respect.


Since our inception in 2016, our core mission has been to transcend traditional recruitment boundaries by offering bespoke talent solutions that cater to the dynamic needs of our clients. Our long-term vision focuses on nurturing emerging markets through strategic partnerships.

Executive Search

Offering unmatched discretion and a tailored approach to secure top-tier executives and senior



Proactive sourcing of exceptional talent through extensive industry networking.

Contingency Recruitment

Diverse talent acquisition strategies designed to maximize candidate outreach and engagement.

Outsourced Employment

Comprehensive employment solutions for both local and expatriate staffing needs, ensuring seamless operational support.

Training & Mentorship

Cultivating professional growth and soft skills development through innovative and effective training programs.

Employer of Record

Contact person: Reinhardt Hattingh

Email: reinhardt@cquail.com

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