ENGIE Equatorial Increases Impact in Off-Grid Communities; Appoints New CEO
02 Mar 2023

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One year after commissioning the Lolwe hybrid solar 600 kWp mini-grid and its Productive Hub, ENGIE Equatorial is proud to announce the results achieved so far: over 15,000 people now have access to clean electricity, purified water and agro-processing services. 700 businesses are provided with productive energy and will be supported with appliance financing from the partnership with EnerGrow and food waste is reduced thanks to the use of the ice and drying services provided by the Productive Hub.

Tackling the need for sustainable transport, ENGIE Equatorial has also put in place an e-mobility program with electric outboard engines for fishermen, e-motorcycles for taxis and a battery charging service on the island. The pilot has now generated evidence and data key to the development of the transport sector in Lake Victoria, with a potential of substituting 30,000 diesel boat engines.

After a successful initial phase of operations, characterised by substantial testing of technologies and commercial strategies, ENGIE Equatorial is now EBITDA positive and set to implement a number of significant learnings to further improve economics, including a re-powering of its storage component to drastically reduce diesel consumption, while further increasing service offering.

It has been an exciting year, full of challenges and learnings, where we have finally proven our vision that de-centralised consumer facing service-integration is key to accelerating bankable universal energy access‘’ said Riccardo Ridolfi, CEO of Equatorial Power who was the author of the partnership with ENGIE Energy Access and has led ENGIE Equatorial from concept to reality.