ENGIE Energy Access targets to expand affordable solar energy solutions
24 Nov 2021

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ENGIE Energy Access Kenya has announced plans to increase access to affordable solar energy solutions to off-grid customers through the Pay-As-You-Go model.

The firm which has changed corporate name from ENGIE Mobisol Kenya has said it will avail new solar home system brand, MySol to replace the Mobisol brand of lighting, TV and business SHS products to off-grid households and small businesses using PAYGo.

“With MySol we are now offering a much wider product range to address even more customer needs than what we did with Mobisol, from basic lighting and phone charging to more advanced systems for households and small businesses across Kenya. Our PAYGo model still ensures that the product remains affordable for our customers, since they are able to pay in small instalments with mobile money,” said Frederick Nobala, ENGIE Energy Access Kenya Managing Director.

EEA Kenya which commenced local operations five years ago saw parent company ENGIE integrate ENGIE Mobisol with Fenix International in 2020, another SHS company and mini-grids provider, ENGIE PowerCorner under a new entity and name – ENGIE Energy Access.