ENGIE Energy Access (Africa) partnerns with GeraSol to empower Mozambique’s youth
12 Feb 2024


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This partnership between ENGIE Energy Access (Africa), representing the private sector, IICN (Instituto Industrial e Comercial de Nampula – Institute of Industry and Commerce of Nampula), SNV BRILHO Mozambique, funded by the Embassy of Sweden, embodies a shared vision: a future where clean and reliable energy empowers rural youth and brings prosperity to Mozambique.
The initiative addresses the growing demand for skilled talent in the booming solar energy sector.

GeraSol will train 3,000 young individuals in technical and essential skills crucial for success in the industry. Our commitment extends beyond training; we are actively involved in shaping the program, ensuring graduates meet the specific needs of companies like ours.

This program will not only fill the skills gap but also foster youth-friendly work environments, promoting mentorship and growth. By the end of the program, a robust curriculum, competent trainers, and a sustainable pipeline of skilled workers will be established. IICN will continue to nurture energy champions, while public-private partnerships expand, reaching more young minds in various provinces to address the energy needs of vulnerable communities in Mozambique.

GeraSol is about creating brighter futures for Mozambique.

Thank you, SNV Brilho and the Embassy of Sweden, for this incredible opportunity. Together, let’s illuminate the path to economic empowerment and prosperity.