Empower New Energy at COP 27
14 Nov 2022

This year the COP 27 global climate summit taking place at Sharm el-Sheikh Egypt, seeking to ensure full implementation of the Paris Agreement. COP27 is also taking place against the backdrop of inadequate rising greenhouse gas emissions and intensification of droughts and floods due to climate change.

Empower New Energy’s CEO Terje Osmundsen will be in attendance, addressing the issues below during events taking place 11-15 Nov.

  • Providing solar-powered desalination of brackish water to farmers in Egypt and Africa.
  • How can public-private partnerships scale up renewable energy investments in developing countries?
  • Mobilizing carbon markets to unlock capital for distributed solar energy investments in Africa. Read more here.

“COP27 is “Africa’s COP”, and I look forward to present and discuss innovative investments and partnerships addressing climate change and Africa’s challenges of energy, water and food”, says Terje Osmundsen.

Last Thursday, Empower New Energy partner Engazaat was awarded by the Prime Minister of Egypt, two prizes for the SAVE project – (Sustainable Agro-Village project Egypt) – implementing solar-for-water solutions in the Smart and Green Governorate initiative (SGG), a nationwide competition that has been running for the past 6 months under the patronage of the president headed by the champion of the @COP27 and in partnership with UN bodies, EBRD, etc. Read more here.
The 2 prizes were the Golden trophy and governor prize for the New-Valley Governorate, and the Silver trophy nationwide.

Empower New Energy is the solar investment partner in a consortium led by the Egyptian solar and water developer Engazaat, which also includes the French desalination company Mascara and the Swedish thermal energy storage company Azelio. The partnership will present their plans for a 17 MUSD solar -for-water facility located in the Mohgra Oasis in Northern Egypt, the biggest “solar-powered water desalination plant of brackish water in Africa”, see more information here.

Terje will be speaking at the following events:

Can Small-And-Medium-Farmers in Egypt and Saharan-Africa Feed the World? 

Renewable energy for climate action, socio-economic transformation in Africa: the role of SEFA

The event will be opened by Dr Daniel Schroth, Director African Development and H.E Ms Anne Beathe Tvinnereim, Norway’s Minister for International Development. Terje will share lessons learnt- Empower New Energy from working with SEFA for capacity-building and due diligence activities, see more info here.