Elegant Solar Carport: Clenergy’s Installation Journey from Japan to South Africa
23 Feb 2024

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Clenergy, a global leader in renewable energy solutions, proudly announces the successful installation of PVezRack ezShade Razor at a Tesla Supercharger site in Tsukuba City, Japan.

This cutting-edge solar carport, strategically located just 50 kilometers from central Tokyo, reinforces Clenergy’s commitment to sustainable energy solutions.

The solar carport helps users save on petrol costs while embracing sustainable and cost-effective energy solutions. It exemplifies our commitment to innovation and sustainability, transforming how solar technology benefits Tesla drivers and industries alike.”

Their PVezRack ezShade Razor not only generates clean solar power but also serves as a shield for the superchargers ensuring their longevity and efficiency,”

After its successful installation in Japan, Clenergy’s Solar Carport is poised to make its mark in South Africa. This presents an exciting opportunity for installers in the region.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to collaborate with Clenergy and contribute to a sustainable future.

About Clenergy
Established in Melbourne, Australia, and extending our presence with offices and factories across China, Japan, the Philippines, Thailand, and Germany, Clenergy stands as an enabler for the public sector, enterprises, and governments in pursuit of sustainability and carbon neutrality solutions. Our commitment is grounded in a vision of a future powered by sustainable, clean energy. We persistently reinvent our approach, leveraging innovative technology and service, as we strive towards realising this mission.