DAS Solar made an appearance in ENEX 2024 with leading N-type technology
09 Feb 2024

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DAS Solar participated in ENEX 2024, one of Europe’s largest clean energy expos, at the Centre d’expositions de Kielce in Poland. The event brought together industry experts to discuss innovative renewable energy technologies and future trends.

According to SolarPower Europe, PV installed capacity in Poland was only 2 GW in 2019, but it rose to 4.9 GW by 2022, which pushed it into Europe’s third largest market for solar. Poland’s photovoltaic capacity is expected to more than double by 2025, reaching 26.79 GW cumulatively.

Poland’s photovoltaic sector is dominated by distributed microgrids, and the country leads Europe in the increase in residential PV installations, indicating that the market is expanding. During the event, DAS Solar specifically showcased the 54-cell N-type series Black rectangular module – Black Pro 465W bifacial double-glass module. This module offers both power and aesthetics. This module incorporates DAS Solar’s latest TOPCon high-efficiency cells, achieving a conversion efficiency of 22.8%. It has a 1.00% first-year power degradation, and 0.40% annual degradation, ensuring reliable performance. Moreover, with its seamless design, the Black Pro module features a black frame, black back sheet, and black busbar, that presents a supreme aesthetic. It utilizes a new plating technology coupled with colorless coated glass. The lightweight bifacial design makes each module lighter than monofacial modules, which makes them perfect for rooftop projects and other distributed applications. Currently, the DAS Black series modules have received authoritative certifications, including the European Union’s CE certification, and are highly favored on the European market due to their high-quality, reliable performance.