Corporate Social Responsibility at Aptech Africa- Juba
13 Feb 2024

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Aptech is proud to share its corporate social responsibility (CSR) program in Juba, South Sudan which focuses on training and capacity building in the field of engineering. As a testament to this dedication, our solar company is thrilled to facilitate paid internships for 3 students in Juba. These internships not only nurture young talent but also contribute to the global push for clean energy by involving young people in the deployment of renewable energy which addresses SDGs 7 and 13.

Our paid internships shine a light on the incredible potential within the solar industry. These internships offer hands-on experience alongside the theoretical knowledge acquired from school in the different fields of WASH and Electrical installation. Beyond the paycheck, our interns gain valuable skills that pave the way for a successful career in the solar sector.

From understanding solar panel technology to mastering project management in sustainable energy, these internships provide a robust foundation for the leaders of tomorrow. In our pursuit of excellence, we prioritize diversity and inclusion.