Congratulations to OFGEN Africa with the installation of 350kWp + 1MWh at the UAP Old Mutual Equatorial Tower in Juba, South Sudan
08 Jun 2021

OFGEN Africa, a Nairobi based solar power developer and EPC has commissioned a 350kW offgrid
solar PV plant to power the UAP Equatorial Tower, the tallest building in Juba. The Solar project
has been built on the building’s carpark area providing shading to vehicles during the day. Excess
energy generated by the PV plant is stored in Tesla Powerpacks minimizing the cost of diesel
consumed by generators. In this project, OFGEN innovative financial model allows the end
customer to pay for energy consumed ensuring immediate savings.
The project uses a TESLA powerpack for storage and is in line with UAP Old Mutual’s
environmental sustainability program. The company is looking to benefit from the energy savings
this renewable energy source will bring.
“We are proud to have been pioneers locally in implementing about 10MWhrs of industrial-scale
storage solutions for our on-grid and off-grid clients resulting in onsite stable power supply and
cost savings,” said Jibril Omar, OFGEN’s Chief Executive Officer, and Commercial Director.
The UAP Old Mutual Equatorial Tower was completed in 2015, with Old Mutual being among the
first tenants. It is located on Unity Avenue in the Hai Neem Area, Juba, South Sudan, opposite the
Cambridge International School, and about 100 meters from City Mall. The building is open for

About OFGEN Africa
OFGEN is an African entity which prides itself as a professional turnkey energy company that offers a broad
range of smart energy Solutions for the commercial & Industrial sector in Eastern Africa. The company has
many years of experience in design, procurement, Construction, Financing and management of solar
OFGEN offers both turn-key & funded solutions. To date, they have 7.2 MWp of solar capacity and 9.3 MWh
of battery energy under management and a further pipeline of 15 MWp at various stages of development
across Eastern Africa.