Clenergy, an Award-Winning Manufacturer
14 Feb 2024

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Clenergy, a distinguished global leader in the renewable energy sector, proudly concludes 2023 with an impressive array of prestigious awards from renowned industry organisations. Our flagship product line, PVezRack® solar mounting gear, has earned nine awards worldwide, underscoring our unparalleled excellence in design, functionality, and contribution to advancing sustainable energy solutions.

This remarkable accomplishment stands as a pivotal triumph in Clenergy’s ongoing commitment to excellence, innovation, and unwavering customer satisfaction. The continued acknowledgment further solidifies our position as a pioneer and industry leader in the dynamic landscape of the solar mounting industry.

Key highlights:

SunWiz “No. 1 Solar Mounting Manufacturer Australia”

EUPD Research “Top Brand PV UK Seal 2023”

EUPD Research “Top Brand PV Australia Seal 2023”

SolarQuarter “Best New Product Launch Award for EzTracker”

Good Design Award Japan