Case study: 200+ systems, 4 countries. How AMMP enables Daystar Power to achieve operational excellence
18 Dec 2020

Large portions of Sub-Saharan Africa’s population lack connectivity to the electric grid. Furthermore, businesses and consumers with connectivity to the grid continue to face constant power outages that affect their livelihoods. It is estimated that over 50 million back-up generators are in use in Sub-Saharan Africa, by businesses alone.

Daystar Power is a Nigerian company that offers hybrid solar power solutions to address these energy challenges in the region. Through reliable, decentralised energy, Daystar Power seeks to provide a stable supply as well as reduce cost and pollution.

Daystar Power operates a large portfolio of energy systems across 4 countries in West Africa. Through AMMP’s streamlined monitoring and management solution, Daystar Power has achieved operational transparency for all their assets and stakeholders. Our rich feature-set solves many of the technical and commercial challenges faced by Daystar Power.

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