Borehole Drilling And Solar Water Pump Installation For Aka Tribal Communities In Bangui, Central African Republic
20 Mar 2023

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Aptech Africa recently commissioned a 1.6kW/205V solar water pump system in M’Baïki in the province of Lobaye about 110km from the city of Bangui (Central African Republic). This project is a donation from the MINUSCA Kenyan contingents to AKA tribal communities.

The works included borehole drilling, supply, and installation of a solar water pump system which consisted of;

  • 5 Soleil power solar panels of 320W fixed and mounted on the top of the water Tank Support structure.
  • 5,000L circular water tank with 5m Static lift above the ground, with 60m water level and a maximum Water Volume of 18m3/day with a flow rate of 3m3/h for daily sunshine of 6hours.
  • GRUNFOS SQFlex2.5-2 solar water pump and its GRUNDFOS SQFlex CU 200 control unit.
  • Sovama Boreholes Casings PVC 125mm Plein and Screen.
  • Soleil Power aluminium Solar Mounting Structure.

There are estimated to be about 100,000 AKA tribal people living in the forest of Central Africa (south of the Central African Republic and north of the Republic of Congo). These hunters and collectors live in a forest environment, away from the modern world.

In the heart of a dense forest that forms the basis of their culture, the AKA have a specialized knowledge of their environment, and Aptech’s solar water pump installation will help in changing lives by providing them with affordable, reliable and sustainable water delivery within their rural community