BBOXX raises €6M via crowdfunding to improve access to solar power
07 Mar 2019

BBOXX, first operator active on the CIZO project in Togo, just raised more than six million euros through a crowdfunding arranged with Trine, a service that carries out sustainable investments in solar energy.

Sources close to BBOXX reveal that in Europe, 4,400 single investors took part in the crowdfunding, investing an average of €500-€600.

BBOXX’s goal is to “speed up installation of domestic solar kits in Togo, Kenya, Rwanda, DRC, Mali, Senegal and Guinea.”

The fundraising, the largest ever via crowdfunding in Africa for solar power, should benefit more than 200,000 people with no or limited access to power in these countries. “This investment will benefit all customers of BBOXX, unlocking potential of households, communities and SMEs in both rural and urban areas,” the British firm added. Read full article here