Aptech commissions two solar powered mini-water yards in South Sudan
28 Apr 2023

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Aptech recently designed, supplied, installed and commissioned two constructions of two mini water yards with boreholes equipped with solar powered pumps, elevated tanks and tap stands in Maban Upper Nile state in a project funded by the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund-(UNICEF).

The pumps were installed at two sites, one at Hai Dome, another at Hai Bagdad. At each of the two sites, boreholes of 100M were drilled with borehole yield of 2.0m3. Thereafter each of the sites was equipped with a 2.04kWp of Soleil Power panels, very sufficient to efficiently run the DC brushless motor attached to the Lorentz PU1800-CSJI-25, Lorentz pump.

At each site two 5000L plastic tank were installed on steel water towers to store 10,000litres per day. The welding works for the steel water tank stand were executed very successfully without any hardships and the works are expected to last for at least 5 years without any need for repair. One layer of the red oxide paint as well as two layers of the final coat were carefully applied on each metallic surface of the tank stand.

Also fencing works for the water yard were executed successfully and the perimeter fence was well equipped with access door. The borehole, the steel water tank stand and plastic tanks and all the power electronics of the system including the solar generator are fully enclosed within the perimeter fence with one round of razor wire installed for additional security.

The water distribution in the area involved installation of two water collection points with ¾ inch size taps at each location which were fitted with a small trough at the tail end of each drainage channel. A total of 6 ball valve taps were installed at each of the water collection points

At Hai Bagdad, one water collection point was installed at 50m away from the storage tanks and the second water collection point was installed 200m away from the water tank with an 11/4inch HDPE pipe buried 500mm below ground level.