Aptech Commissions Solar-Diesel Hybrid System
30 Nov 2021

Aptech Africa South Sudan recently commissioned a PV-Diesel hybrid system at the Upper Nile University of Malakal in a UNDP funded project. This hybrid system includes an 82.14 KWp PV roof mounted system and three diesel generators of 300,200 and 30KVA respectively. The system has three 25000TL SMA Tri-power inverters and one Elum-fuel saver controller. The system uses a remote monitoring platform provided by Elum Energy with the ability to record consumption and control the PV system in the case where the system threshold is reached.

This system is located in Upper state in Malakal at the Upper Nile University of Malakal. The university is a learning place for the South Sudan’s youths and needed power as most of its facilities were looted and burnt by rebels during the war. This project provided a number of logistical challenges as the site is only accessible by river or air transport. Aptech Africa navigated this challenge by utilizing river transport to make sure the system was installed and commissioned in time.

The expected number of beneficiaries from the system include 5000 people of both teaching and non-teaching staff. However, with increasing peace and stability in Upper Nile and in South Sudan, the number of people is expected to increase post commissioning.

Thanks to Aptech’s work on this project, The Upper Nile University is now a conducive learning environment with a 24-hour supply of electricity. With the help of this solar PV system, the costs for fuel is expected to be reduce by over 70%. In addition, carbon emissions are expected to drop by 70% as solar will offset the use of the diesel generators. Through this project, Aptech is part of the efforts to invest in the youth and future of South Sudan.