Aptech Africa supplied and commissioned 11 mini-grids in the Republic of Burundi
20 May 2024

In a significant stride towards sustainable development, the Republic of Burundi recently witnessed a momentous event: the inauguration ceremony by the President of the Republic of Burundi for the 11 mini-grids installed by Aptech Africa Ltd, marking a transformative leap in the nation’s energy landscape.

The 11 Mini- grids cover 5 provinces in Burundi with 9 Mini- grids having a capacity of 34.88kWp each and a battery bank storage of 254.4kWh each, 2 mini- grids have a capacity of 17.44kWp each and a battery bank storage of 129.6kWh each. The mini- grids also included a Low Voltage distribution line.

The inauguration of these mini-grids illuminates a path towards a brighter future. Aptech Africa‘s commitment to sustainable energy solutions aligns seamlessly with Burundi’s aspirations for development, making this collaboration a testament to the power of innovation and partnership.

The presence of the President of the Republic Burundi at the inauguration ceremony underscores the government’s unwavering commitment to sustainable development and energy access. By endorsing initiatives like Aptech Africa’s mini-grid project, the government of Burundi sends a powerful message of unity and progress, rallying stakeholders towards a common goal of national prosperity.