Aptech Africa Lights Up Remote Equatorial Guinea Villages With 11 Solar Systems
08 Mar 2024

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In a groundbreaking initiative, Aptech Africa has embarked on a mission to bring sustainable energy solutions to remote communities in Equatorial Guinea. Through the installation of 11 solar systems, Aptech Africa is lighting up lives, fostering development, and paving the way for a brighter future. The vision is clear- empower communities through reliable, clean energy sources.

Aptech Africa installed 11 solar systems in 11 different villages of 5kWp, 15kWp, and 20kWp with battery energy storage of 12kWh, 15kWh, and 36kWh respectively. One of the systems is a hybrid system and the rest are standalone systems working alongside a generator and existing grid. Ulica solar modules, Growatt inverters and Ritar lead acid batteries were used in the installation. The systems also included distribution lines which were off grid and almost inaccessible.

A few challenges were faced during the installation of the systems like poor roads to the different sites, lack of required accessories in the local market hence importation, and incompetence of the supporting local team in Equatorial Guinea. These however, did not hinder the competition of the system in the given period of time.