Aptech Africa Installs Off-Grid Solar Systems for 11 Community Health Centers In Sierra Leone
17 Feb 2023

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Aptech Africa recently supplied, installed & commissioned off-grid solar systems across Sierra Leone in a projected funded by USAID in partnership with Orange SL.

The systems are comprised of a 1.65 kWp solar PV system with a 9.6 kWh battery bank of 200Ah Soleil Power Lead Acid AGM deep cycle batteries at each of the eleven Community Health Centers (CHCs) within the country that is; Kambia CHC, Port Loko Mana CHC, Port Loko Rogbere Junction CHC, Koinadugu Fadugu, Kamalo CHC, Tonkolili Mamasosanka CHC, Gambia, Bontghe District CHC, Kono Yamandu CHC, Kono Jaiama CHC, Motuo, Bonthe District CHC, Gabinty, and Kerene District  CHC.

Victron Phoenix Inverter/Chargers of sizes 48V/800, 48v.1200, and 48V/1600 were used in the installations, chosen because of their maximum efficiency of 96%, ability to operate up to 65°C. It’s one of the best inverter brands on the market with several protection measures, rugged design.

The systems were fitted with a Victron 150/35A MPPT Charge Controllers to maximize the power yield   from the PV modules and minimize conversion losses at a maximum efficiency of 98%, and can operate up to 60 °C.

Positive socio-economic and environmental impacts from the system.

  • Thanks to Aptech’s work on this project, the entire population of each of these communities can benefit from these systems as they improve health services, hence improving the economical lives of the people as they are in better health to work longer hours.
  • Environmental benefits including climate change mitigation through using the renewable energy from the sun as it reduces the carbon foot print of each of these hospitals.