Aptech Africa installs a solar hybrid system for offices in Sierra Leone
19 May 2023

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Aptech Africa recently designed, supplied, installed and commissioned a solar hybrid system for UNDP-FAO offices in Sierra Leone

The system has a roof-mounted 15.18 kWp of solar panels and 42.6 kWh of battery storage of Lithium-Ion batteries with 10KVA Victron Quattro inverters, Victron Maximum Power Point Tracking charge controllers, all high-quality products to ensure the system gives maximum efficiency to our client. The system is hybrid and uses energy from both solar, national grid, and diesel generators. The system has a remote monitoring system that provides information on energy generation, inverter, weather conditions, and loading.

The system provides energy to the UNDP-FAO country office located in Freetown, Sierra Leone with the goal of decreasing FAO’s carbon footprint contributing to the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), stabilizing the existing grid, and showcasing solar hybrid solutions within the country for other projects. The hybrid system will also eliminate power interruption for critical IT equipment, increasing office productivity.