Aptech africa commissions a school solar sytem in Uganda
29 May 2023

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Aptech Africa recently designed, supplied, and commissioned stand-alone systems at Samling Nama Peas School in Mpigi district, Uganda.

The installation comprised of three stand-alone solar systems. Each of the systems has a roof mounted 2.79 kWp of soleil power solar panels and 26.4 kWh of battery storage, with a Victron inverter, all high-quality products to ensure the system gives maximum efficiency to our client. A solar system monitoring unit was installed to give real time system status that is to say battery SOC, PV charging status with total energy generated by the solar panels as well as the status of the load. The monitoring system can also communicate in case of system fault so that necessary corrective procedures can be taken in time.

Aptech deployed teams of technicians to install all the 3 systems at the same time. This allowed the systems to be completed within the timeframe the client requested considering the fact that students were in total darkness.

Previously Students were not able to have night classes as planned due to power outages. In addition to that, even morning preps were not viable until late morning when the darkness has cleared. The school security was lacking and movements within the compound at night were not safe due to dark corners. Therefore, this affected student performance and grades as well as delays for teachers in completing the study materials in time.