Aptech Africa commissions a hybrid solar system at GIZ country office in Uganda
14 Aug 2023

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Aptech Africa recently designed, supplied, installed and commissioned a hybrid solar system at the GIZ country office in Nakasero, Kampala-Uganda.

The system has both a roof and carport mounted totalling to 22.56kWp of solar panels and 30.8kWh of battery storage of BYD Lithium-Ion batteries, The system is hybrid supplying the office from two power sources that is: – solar and the countries’ main grid. The system was connected to a Victron Quattro 48V/10000VA, a hybrid inverter that has two AC inputs and outputs also allowing an additional power source like generators to be connected whenever required. The site has three inverters to make a three-phase system matching the existing grid supply. This installation also has additional technology of a Victron smart solar RS MPPT 450/200A, this charge controller has maximum power point capabilities even in cases of partial shading, and battery voltage auto-detection to match with PV voltage as well. Both technologies allow for remote monitoring through the Victron Cerbo GX which has a display for local monitoring to communicate the battery SOC, PV-generated power, Grid supplied power as well as fault detection capability which assists in allowing early problem-solving and preventing future damage to installed equipment.

The project panel mounting area is majorly a carport structure where an e-vehicle charger has been mounted in line with the goal of protecting the environment through the use of e-vehicles.

The project beneficiary’s objective is to utilize the full solar-generated electricity and align with climate change mitigation effects according to GIZ’s sustainability program. It is important to have power at the site because it’s the centre for running and management of all the GIZ programs in Uganda where power supply reliability is crucial for the institution to attain its goals.

Many social, economic, and environmental benefits are expected from this installation which include the client’s electricity bills will be reduced significantly since the system has a large PV capacity that is sufficient to supply the daily power requirements with the ability to run the entire country office for all the working hours plus night. The system has the main grid backup and generator for the night for power reliability as well. This is one of the projects that is embracing solar energy use for climate and green environment sustainability. The project intends to as well advance the use of electric vehicles and reduction of the use of fossil fuels that cause toxic gas emissions to the environment.

Aptech Africa worked tirelessly to ensure the client was supplied with the best carport structure as per their requirement even under the constraint of unavailability of the brand that was initially requested by the client. Aptech used local market materials and expertise to deliver a structure that met and exceeded the client’s needs and expectations.

Many Ugandans will have a chance to learn more about sustaining e-vehicles, their charging stations and their mode of operation as GIZ showcases the new technology.