JGH Solar

JGH Solar is specialized in designing, supplying and installing solar power systems in remote locations all over the world.

Our engineers have considerable experience in analyzing and designing sustainable on- and off-grid solutions tailored to fit the client’s needs. We are able to design and deliver anything from small solar home kits to larger solar PV plants and EPC turnkey projects.

Using trusted manufacturers, JGH Solar are experts in sourcing the right components for the needed solutions focusing on best possible value for money and timely delivery – even to the most remote areas of the world.

We believe in transfer of knowhow by using local partners and having our engineers present on site during O&M training of the local end users.

Through our presence on site and our cooperation with local partners, we contribute to the development of the local business and infrastructure.

JGH Solar is cooperating with all major international donors and financial organizations, such as The European Union, United Nations and The World Bank.