Ingeteam is an international technological company specialized in electric power
conversion. Its state of the art developments in power and control electronics (inverters,
frequency converters, controllers and protections), Indar rotating electric
machines (motors, generators and submersible motor & pump
sets), systems (electromechanical engineering and automation projects),
and services (operation & maintenance services), enables it to provide the best solutions
in different sectors, namely: wind, solar PV/Energy storage, hydro and fossil fuel power
generation; metal and mineral processing; mining; marine; rail traction; water; e-vehicle
charging, green hydrogen production and power grid automation, always achieving
sustainable and efficient energy generation, transmission, distribution and consumption.
The company operates throughout the world, and is stablished in 24 countries, with a
headcount over 4,000. R&D is the backbone of its business activity, in which 5% of its
turnover is annually invested.