Eastman Auto & Power / Chloride Exide

The Eastman Group is a multinational conglomerate that was founded in 1970 with automotive spare parts manufacturing plant. Today, Eastman has a diverse range of business interests and a global presence with manufacturing bases and workforce based in India, China, UAE.

Eastman has market dominance positions across GCC, Africa, SE Asia and Latin America for its range of Solar Energy Storage products and remains committed to providing affordable power and solar energy storage products to everyone and empower them through energy independence.

Chloride Exide has over the years grown from a single based operation to the largest battery and renewable energy distributor in the East Africa  region while growing presence in west and Central Africa. Of particular pride is Chloride’s strong brand presence supported by a region wide network of 17 service centres in Kenya, 5 in Tanzania and 1 in Uganda. Our distributor network of is of over 1500 dealers.

Chloride Exide, has three locally owned limited liability companies in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. Chloride Exide Kenya Limited (CEKL) was established in 1963, Chloride Exide Tanzania Limited (CETL) established in 1966 and Chloride Exide Uganda Limited (CEUL) established in 2001. Chloride Exide’s core business is distribution of automotive batteries, solar systems installation, backup systems installation, and solar water heating systems installations.
Eastman and Chloride group have partnered to revolutionize the solar energy segment in east Africa and beyond, we have had positive impact on thousand of off grid and solar communities across East Africa since 2019.